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About Walkathon

The Walkathon by Amar Gandhi Foundation is an annual event that happens on World Kidney Day to create awareness about Chronic Kidney Diseases & adapting the methodology of #EkChammachKam to live a healthy life along with keeping track of your vital numbers like Blood Pressure, Sugar & BMI as part of #KnowYourNumbers.

To avoid mass gathering due to the ongoing pandemic, the walkathon is being conducted virtually this year but with the same spirit & enthusiasm.

Be a part of the walkathon to show your support for this cause.

Virtual Walkathon Details

  • The walkathon is open for global participation
  • Walking Period - 1st March to 30th March, 2021
  • Submission Period - 1st March to 30th March, 2021
  • Walking Categories for people without any Chronic Diseases are as below:
    Walk - 2 kms
    Walk On - 5 kms
    Walkathon - 7 kms
  • Kidney Heroes or heroes suffering with other diseases can walk for 15 mins or more. Such participants can share a screenshot of their walk time from a tracking app or a screenshot of the timer

How to Participate

  • Walk your selected distance anytime, anywhere within the period of 1st to 30th March, 2021
  • Download any tracking app like Google Fit that would track your performance
  • Fill the above form & submit the screenshot of your tracking app during the submission period of 1st to 30th March, 2021 & get an E-certificate acknowledging your participation from Amar Gandhi Foundation.